Thursday, January 28, 2010

This ones for KIM

All the cousins

The Keil Families

Mom and Dad

This post is for Kim.....
These are pictures taken in June and they are the most recent we have for all the family.
I hope you enjoy them!!!

Disneyland in August 2009

We went to Disneyland and met all of sweets favorite characters! The only one she was not able to meet was Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I don't understand why she loves him but she does and that is one character they do not have there. The one she was most excited to meet was Tinkerbell and she even gave her a high five! We woke up early the 2nd day to stand in line for her. It was only a 45 minute wait and while we waited Sweets managed to get her head stuck between the iron bars. Wow! I freaked out and so did she but Jamie was the one who remained calm and was able to get her out. It was so embarrassing especially when they started to clap.... I was bright red! Sweets also was able to ride her first roller coaster. She is such a dare devil just like her Mama. While we waited in line I told her she needed to hold her hands up like we do in the car and she said she would. If you look close at the pictures, you will see her doing it. You will also see her smiling on the way down the first hill then it disappears...nothing but scared faces after that. She was a trooper though and still wanted to go on rides after that. This trip was one to remember.... It was the best one we have taken so far!
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

Breakfast with SHAMU

Our first day at SeaWorld and we had breakfast with Shamu. Sweets enjoyed it so much she forgot to eat! This was the first thing we did at SeaWorld and I'm glad because when we went to see the show Shamu was in, Sweets knew who they already were so she paid attention the whole time. Her favorite thing to do all week was the Sham Slam and yelling SHAMU.
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Fun with the Dolphins

We took a family vacation / 10 year Anniversary trip to SeaWorld and Disneyland. These pictures are of our last day at SeaWorld. We did interacting with the dolphins where they let us train and play with the dolphins. We were paired up with Shamu who was 35 yrs old and her son named Echo, he was 2 yrs old. We spent 45 minutes with them and it was a blast! Sweets loved it too. She kept trying to pet the dolphins and in most the pictures you can see her doing the signs for telling the dolphins what to do.... she loved it!
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Finished front yard....

So this is what our front yard looks like now and I am so happy with it! Cost a pretty penny but I think it was all worth it. It's funny how my attitude changes when I pull in.... I'm not ashamed of my house anymore! We have the inside complete and now our front yard, it's finally our home!
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Before pictures of our yard....

In April, we decided to change our front and back yard. We are not very good at yard care and I think you can tell by these pictures. I decided to do desert so I wouldn't have to do too much maintenance. It took a week for our front yard to get done and another week for the back yard.
I am VERY happy the way it turned out and how much better our yard looks. I think our neighbors like us again!
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